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Watton Radio has been launched to help the WAYLAND COMMUNITY. This website is to help us get closer to our listeners and to serve them better.  It will act as a platform for us to share this radio station with you and enable you to send us feedback. On this WEBSITE you will find detailed information such as contact details, products and services that we offer. You will also find other interesting information such as a photo gallery, etc. We would also like to share our vision and mission statements and quality initiatives with you. Please do leave a masage in our Guest  Book
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Midacre I?m Norfolk born and bred and very proud of it. In the media, it seems to me ? as a county - that we?re very under represented and often portrayed as none too bright or unaware of what?s going on in the rest of the world, so I wanted to write something to show people what they?re missing - and that reflected contemporary country life in a small village. Midacre is a few miles from Swaffham, not too far from the real villages of West Acre, South Acre and Castle Acre, and set in the midst of rolling farmland, with acres of woodland and its own country estate ? if I close my eyes I can see it really clearly. Set around a village green Midacre has a real sense of community ? a community that is made up from people who were born in the village and those who?ve chosen to make new lives there. It was great fun to invent the characters ? for me that is the best part of story telling. I really hope people enjoy it.
(Sue Welfare)
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The Wayland Parishes are :-
Watton, Ashill, Carbrooke, Caston,
Great Cressingham, Great Hockham, Griston,
Little Cressingham and Threxton, Saham Toney 
inc Saham Hill and Waite,
Stow Bedon, Breckles, Ovington and Thompson.



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